WordPress Care Plans

Specialist WordPress hosting & essential maintenance carried out regularly

We created our Managed WordPress hosting plans to save you the headache of looking after a WordPress site. In our experience most people don't have the time to stay on top of essential security updates and regular feature upgrades. Even if they do, they often don't have the developer skills to solve issues.

Included with all plans

Website Hosting

World-class, fast servers optimised specifically for WordPress. Our premium website hosting is included with all plans.

Included with all plans

Essential Maintenance

Regular installation of security updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes. Defending your site from hackers. Monitoring performance and keep regular backups

Most popular Silver & Gold plans

Premium Support

Let us help you with content loading, theme modifications, database management, image optimisation and more. Choose a plan with Premium Support credits. Each task normally costs one credit.

Make your life easier!

Let us host, fully manage and protect your website so that you can relax. Our plans are all-inclusive with the essentials for a healthy website. Our servers are optimised for WordPress to deliver the very best loading times and performance. In addition we also perform all the essential core software, theme and plugin updates to keep your website safe. We even include website edits in some of our plans.

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